Rust only laggy game out of 10


i usually can play games like Arma 3, GTA 5 Online, DayZ and several others with high or even ultra settings, whiteout any laggs.

I haven`t played Rust for about 3-4 month. 1 week ago i tried a new run but i canceled the game after 5 min. because of lags, just unplayable :frowning: today, after the update same again.

i have a 100mbit stream and no issues like that whit other games before. I can`t find any solutions to fix that problem in the forums, so you may help me or have any tips ?

pls let me know if you need any other information for solving the problem.


you sure know what early access means ?

It means that it isn’t optimized like GTA 5 or Arma 3, which are none early access games but most likely will in the future.

It’s very playable if you hit F2 and do the graphics setting to “1” or “2”, anything above is not that FPS friendly.

Dont listen to him, rust is optimized, the problem is that it is a generation further than the old games you listed.

Sure i know. But i can see thousands of other players, having fun while playing Rust, like me, month ago.

But for some reason, after some weeks i am not able to play without these heavy lags…

And it not my Rig, it makes no difference playing whit high or low “F2 settings”

Post your system specs. CPU, RAM, video card

CPU: Intel i7-4790K 4kMHz
Video: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB

Running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

Wow, I don’t often see such an obvious lie as this: “rust is optimized”, but of course you are probably don’t realize how wrong you are.

Sarcasm, jokes? Unknown in America.

should be running fine. what exactly happens?

Heavy laggs on almost every server out there, modded, community and even the vanilla ones.

Every 10, step i make i get teleportet back 8 of em…
and ping is most of the time somewhere above ~1000

Sounds like either an internet provider issue or a problem with your home network. As you probably already know… you can also hit F2 and turn down a lot of the settings. If the difference is noticeable after that, then we can assume it’s rust’s fault.

The problems he is describing are network / server problems. Not video / graphic problems.

Do you have audio on anything but mono? I had huge lag issues after an update and it was my sound card not supporting what they did with surround sound on the audio. Turning to mono, fixed it for me. Hope you get lucky and this helps you to :slight_smile:

Thx Einstein, i tried some different sound settings but it is still the same :confused:

I guess the network causes the laggs, but how to fix ?

It’s pretty shocking atm.

i7, 32gb memory and a 780ti and I get 20-40fps. I am playing @ 2k though. However, a month or so ago it was 60-80fps.


Format C, clean Windows install… smooth run