Rust: Opening a friend's door?

My friend and I have encountered a rather big issue in Rust, the fact that we cannot open each others’ doors. This makes trying to team up a lot more difficult.
Is there any way to “friend” another player so you can open each others’ doors? Or if not, could this be added as a feature?

Probably a coming later in the development (I think there’s going to be a keypad system). For now you can give your friend a separate entrance, yea? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, sorry. well not for now.

Can I get a source on keypad system info?

I’m all for keypads, but until a player gets to that stage there should be a way to share doors. Perhaps you’d hold E on your door and set who can use it by typing their name in? Also, to avoid having to do this monotonously on all of your doors, there could be a way to give trusted player rights to every door you own.

Please be patient Im guessing when they release the game keys for sale (limited) in September there will probably be a decent sized patch.