Rust optimization

Hello there,
Is there anyone with Mac Book pro late 13 ? I have this mac book with ssd and 8 gb, Iris 5100, but rust doesn’t want to work smooth, especially when i run experimental branch.
it is a bit laggy even in the main menu. Do i have to buy new macbook pro ?:smiley: or Windows laptop to play rust, or there is hope for optimization.

Build your own computer. Laptops are not for gaming and are often more expensive than a minimal rig that can run Rust fine. My $500 computer runs it at a solid 40-50 FPS in 1080p, and I’ve yet to find a game it really struggles with.

I do understand this, i have my own computer, and rust goes smooth without any lags. I used my computer for a long time, but now i have to travel a lot and i can not take the computer and monitor with me,as a result I bought macbook. I believe mac is not so weak, moreover rust is not the game about graphics.
I think rust will be optimized at the end of development and i should wait. But what if i’m the only guy who have such performance problems with macbook pro ?

one issue with this thread: Macbook pro

why not just dualboot it and chuck windows on? see if it has anything to do with the fact that you’re running on OSX?

i’ve been looking through the steam store and for some reason, MAC computers seem to require higher specs to run certain games (likely because the operating system guzzles it).

The main menu is laggy for me to, game it self runs smoother not great but I runs better then the startup screen.

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Experimental is not optimized very much, but that’s because it’s the bleeding-edge development build. Every new thing gets added to experimental pretty much immediately.

Premature optimization is the root of all suffering in this world. Seriously, optimization is something that will come in time. And you’re trying to play a graphics-intensive 3D game, that was not optimized to begin with, with a machine that, Mac or not, is not designed to be a gaming laptop. Integrated graphics are never a good decision when it comes to playing Rust with good performance, never mind the experimental build.

I don’t think you quite understand the difference between graphics performance and the aesthetic quality of the graphics. Rust may not be Crysis 3, but a non-gaming laptop’s anemic integrated graphics solution is not going to meet all your needs compared to a laptop with a dedicated GPU.

Ok, you got it boss :suicide:

I have a macbook pro, also Iris and 8 gb ram. I thinks its the same version 100%.

I can run old branch fine as long as I turn down graphics (ask me if you want to know how). I don’t have any problems except sometimes the fan will come on - but no lag and I can play long.

I think the new branch is not optimized yet for Mac (pretty sure). So it is very possible they will do this and Macs will better be able to run it. Maybe you could try to ask Garry this - what he thinks. It is possible the new Unity version will make the game more demanding on a MAC.

Lastly, I think the game would run much better if you used boot camp. May be a pain to setup - but then I am guessing you would have no problems. But hopefully the new branch will get updated to run better on Mac OS some time later.

The game is not optimized at all.

Just wait more updates, only an exemple:

Rust experimental 1920 x 1080, fantastic and only blur disabled: 40~60fps ( But I have some drops to 15fps or low when have too much frames or corpses in the screen)
Grid Autosport: 1920 x 1080, all Ultra settings + DLC Hi Res Patch: 30~70pfs

The game is in his initial stage of development, is not the time for opmitizations, they need to make the game work, after they will optimize.

But, 2 or 3 weeks ago, the performance was 15~30fps so, is a little better now :slight_smile:

Windows 8.1.1 x64
AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3ghz
4GB DDR2 800mhz
HD7850 @ 1ghz