RUST or BUST new server WIPE 04/08 TODAY!!!

Hello fellow rust players,

Brand new rust server out of Chicago. Just opened today! Fresh start! Adding more features in the future.

  • No Durability loss.
  • Active admins that play more then you will ever want to and are mature and over the age of 21. Will not abuse and tend to your issues.
  • If you cheat we will bust you!
  • Crafting time is normal.
  • Sleepers Enabled
  • PvP Enabled.
  • Day and night is normal.
  • No airdrops till after day two (then we will go to a “player amount” vote from players).\
  • 50 players max (will go to 100 if need to!) As least with 50 players you wont die every 10min, like you would in larger servers:)

If you want this to be your server make a commitment like we did, we want to hear your advice and contribute.

**In Rust simple hit F1 then copy and paste this to join us!




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(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned" - postal))