Rust Or FTP

So I run a server. The cap is 150. Usually I have 80-130 players active on the server. The server was wiped 3 days ago. My question to you guys is rust that’s not optamized or is it the hosting company. The hosting company says after the RAM gets to be about 1.4gb the server lags. Problem is it gets to that in about 2 hours. Server company (FPSplayers) says its the game and not their servers. Is this true?
I do reboots every few hours to free up RAM and make the server smooth again. Any info on this?

It’s their server, the game needs thousands of structures for it to start getting laggy - they probably have you on an oversold machine and have every single server set to high priority (which actually does nothing because only some servers can have higher priority than others)

So basically, they taking you on a run for your money

That’s what I was thinking. Kinda crappy. Server gets crappy in 2 hours. Could it be the mods I have on the server as well? I run oxide with about 10 plugins.

Yeah, I had a server admin tell me that the hosting company told him that his sudden massive lag was caused by the last patch. Switch to a different server, hosted by a different company, and it was smooth as silk so they were lying to him…

What hosting company do you use?

They probably aren’t lying. They just most likely aren’t telling you the whole truth. I bet recent patches HAVE caused laggy servers, all else being equal (this is because more content was added and, therefore, the game is more resource heavy). The solution would be to increase the power of the machine running the server, but since the provider does not want to do that they blame it on the game, thus saving their better servers for games that make them more money (like BF4).

Yah I figured but you would assume a game wouldn’t take up so much memory.

Well it’s one world with no instancing, so there’s a lot going on all at once. The maps are much larger than, say, CS:GO even if the graphics aren’t as advanced. As the game gets more complex, the system requirements will go up (assuming improvements to optimization are not made), and if your provider refuses to keep up it’s time to move on.

I am a sys admin and work on a help desk for many years at a server host. If their response was that server running out of memory its just a way the sys admin is putting it off or he doesn’t actually know the problem or how to fix it. Respond and ask for it to be fixed or if you can move to a different server, try doing it during different hours maybe you;; get another admin, try during the night there is typically less staff so they are usually more competent. If it only happens when the server is using exactly 1.4GB every time and others don’t have this issue then its clearly an issue on that server.

Any suggestions?

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He said this to everyone that’s owns a server from them. It does sound fishy and crappy. I need a good server company that gives me full access to FTP to download and upload my own mods. They probably also have 10 servers running of one machine. Such a money grab.

Sounds to me like you’re getting the run around and they don’t actually seem to care about fixing the problem, which is why they dump it on the Rust game being horribly optimized and everything.

I used HFB Servers and had zero lag 24/7… maybe a little hiccup randomly here and there, but for the price I was highly satisfied.

to give the benefit of the doubt it could definitely be Rust that is the problem, you say you have 80-100 players on average that is quite a bit, I kind of doubt that has been tested very well but the server environment and the way its running is definitely a factor. I do doubt that is related to them just having too many servers on one box because that is a simple fix, hardware is cheap but bandwidth is not. I would bet its a configuration issue with the server if its not Rust.

I am personally waiting until NFO gets into this space to start up a server. Really the only provider I trust. Been doing business with them over a year on my CSGO server, and their customer service is so responsive they will respond to you in less than 10 minutes on Christmas Eve.

Nope, been over servers with 110 people, dozens of structures and full oxide plugins running

It was running just as smooth as my server when it has rust++ on with dozens of structures and 5 players, or even 75 players

Only lag you should ever really get is framerate lag when entering an area with tons of structures - and the lag should be removed when you distance yourself far enough from the structures

If the actual server is lagging with what you specified then it’s probably what I posted above. Rust itself has terrible registry and all that, but performance isn’t half bad

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Yes, I wanted more household name server providers to start supporting rust

Nuclearfallout is one of the top of the line providers for high quality servers, along with AI Industries and etc

Hahaha. Yah the FTP blames the game not being optimized. Sucks having 100 people yelling at you :slight_smile:

Can I ask what host you use?