Rust original

I have a question regarding the non-reboot version of rust. The question is does anyone know if Garry will remove the original version of Rust. Because if he does that would kinda suck.

Up to yet, Garry has stated that the old rust or legacy branch will be staying active,

From the last paragraph of this post.

But I am sure I have seen another post that he says he’ll leave the legacy branch open “just for fun”
I can’t find that quote for that bit unless anyone else know where it is hearsay.

Ok thanks for the answer.

I hope he fixes some of the glitches and adds some way to stop hackers so its actually playable.

don’t like just disagreeing without an explanation, i really don’t want the team, spending any more time on the old rust (legacy branch). i would prefer them putting all their time into making Rust not messing about with obsolete code,

I have to agree with kulan on not wasting time on old code. But if they are keeping the old legacy version and they are done with most everything else and want a side project it might be some quick fixes they may can implement. Of course if the code is as messed up so bad that they rather start all over than fix things … that may mean it wont be easy fixes and no point in trying to salvage an outdated version. More info there