Rust Outbreak Elite Server

The new created “Rust Outbreak Elite Server” is looking for more serious and high skilled players to join the community and enjoy their time on the server.
The server was Created 03/14 and been peaking between 10-30 players daily.
We are 3 Active admins who will do everything to help you in any situation.
The Admins got about 500 hours+ on Rust and been Semi pro’s in other competetive games before like CS and BF.
The server is Hosted by HFBServers. ( and located in London UK.

The Server was Wiped 2014-03-17.

  • We dont NOT accept any kind of rasism on the server.
  • Griefing is not allowed, this does not include Barricades, Spike walls ect.


*Death Notice
*Remove Tool
*50% Craft
*No fall Damage
*100 Player slot.

great server with good admins, NO lag at all from my experience, with some skilled players too definitely deserves more players on it!