Rust Park (16.3) [AirDrop, Sleepers, PVP, Cheatpunch, Bank, Economy, TP, Home, DoorShare, Active Admin(No Abuse)]

Press F1 to open your console ingame and paste “net.connect”

Opened at 16.3.13

No Durability
*Half Craft (ADDED)
Home (for 2 location)
Friendly Admin (No Abuse)
Clean Game
Full DDoS Protection (FPSPlayers Hosting)
Feel free to make suggestions, ask questions

Everything just for fun!

/tpr <name> : request a teleport to someone
/tpa : accept a teleport request
/sethome : Sets home location 1
/sethome2 : Sets home location 2
/home : teleports you to home location 1
/home2 : teleports you to home location 2
/pm name msg : send a private message to a certain person
/location : learn own coords and take a url to plot yourself on the map.
/ghelp : access group help commands
/share “player name” : share all current and future doors owned by the caller with the target player
/unshare “player name” : remove the target player from the caller’s share list
/rules : see rules

/money : see your current balance
/money info : see info about the economy
/money “name” send amount : send amount to name
/money top : see the players with the highest balance
/price “item” : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item
/buy “item” amount : buy an item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)
/sell “item” amount : sell an item (amount optional) for money (10% of buy price)

/bank help : simply see the commands, and how to use them.
/bank balance : Shows the user their bank balance.
/bank deposit amount : Deposits the “amount” into their bank account, checking to make sure they have that amount and that the number is actually a number
/bank withdraw amount : Withdraws the “amount” from their bank account, checking to make sure they have that amount and that the number is actually a number
/bank transfer name amount : Transfers the “amount” from your bank, to the “name” bank

Starter Kit

Stone Hatchet
Camp Fire
Sleeping Bag
Hunting Bow
10 x Arrow
Wood Storage Box
Wood Shelter
Wooden Door
Small Medkit
Large Medkit
Cloth Helmet
Cloth Vest
Cloth Pants
Cloth Boots
5 x Small Rations
5 x Cooked Chicken Breast


You can remove Wood/Metal and some other items places by you own
Option is: give back part of resources from item or put same item in inventory or just destroy pillar at last
Remover weapon-tool is Pick Axe. Just hit by it
Casual hit warning: first hit doesn’t remove object, only notifies you. Hit one more time to remove.
Only foundation owner can remove parts, placed on it

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you can suggest under this topic… more features can be added

join the pure fun

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run with oxide 1.17.2

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Half craft added


server online, come and join fun