Rust Parody - When they Come to Raid You

I was listening to the original song by Frank Sinatra today while playing Rust. I starting thinking what a great parody this would make. Here is the Rust version I came up with, enjoy!

Original song also sang by me

That is great!

Thanks glad you like it :slight_smile:

That was beautiful. I cried.

Your voice was so great and the lyrics made me touched exactly like I’m in the game :smiley:

Fuck! This is awesome! <3

You have an awesome voice.

That voice is epic

Great job man, I like the comical feel to it!

Lol awesome. Makes me want to build a tower with a million doors to a box with a rock xD

I was NOT expecting this kind of feedback on a forum haha. Thanks guys!

Wtf are u doing here? Go start a career singing in lounges

Good stuff man.

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting the singing to be that good. I would love to see this set to footage of people getting shot and blown up in slow mo as there base is taken apart.

couldn’t agree more xD

Anyone is more than welcome to use the audio in their footage as long as I get to see it when it’s done :0

So gangstah bro :stuck_out_tongue:

You just need some parody video to go along with it. :quagmire:

I added the original song also sang by me in the OP.

Wow! Your voice is amazing! Great work!:smile: