RUST path is for today ! (confirmed)

According to Garry’s Twitter:

lol yay

thanks herry for game

Larry is the bester!

yep Garmy is the cool guy!

Can’t wait for this! Hope it’s a big one :dance:

sherry rocks!

larry, I hope you know we all wanted the wipe.

thanks for crushing my dreams jerry…

Thanks Jerry

Would love to see some patch notes…

Give us the patch notes, in binary :slight_smile:

Hope this patch will fix lagg, the game is unplayable since 1 week on populated server.

God bless Harry

It wont.

As you can see in OP, Kerry said that she don’t think a wipe is needed.


Barry is the best…

Crossing my fingers that it resolves the rubberbanding I’ve been dealing with and I won’t have to check myself with a torch every 45 seconds.

no wipe = no lag fix

Keen on this. Also since the last stealth update windows now says rust has stopped working everytime I exit the game.

Same here

Was about to comment on that bug as well. Hope this patch fix this too. Everytime i close rust i get a windows error regarding the game client.

EAC wont be enabled yet acording to Varry. They will let us know when they will enable EAC.