Rust Penis Physics

Aren’t you just sick of looking at that horrible penis model on your body that stays still no matter. Maybe we should have Penis Physics. Basically when you sprint or jump your thing would wobble up and down and stuff. If you do not like this idea then just keep censorship on.

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Also maybe like some other guy down below said if someone is nearby your penis would get more and more erect. It would work as a radar like if you were with your friend and you looked at his penis and it was super erect then you know that someone is nearby.

Well, it would make the game more realistic.

What the heck kind of troll thread is this?!

Rust is all about realism isn’t it? I guess this has to be added :wink:

I just hope people don’t reenact Meat-Spin… /facepalm

Are penis’s a joke to you.

Just kidding but no this would add a little bit more humor and a little more realism. In real life, when you jump up and down does your penis stay still and not move.

If you want realism start by changing the way people and animals run. They look like robots when sprinting LOL.

Its Alfa!

Well I can say the same thing about the penis thing but what’s so productive about that?

bigger as your house gets bigger?

I am all for this, and I’m glad this idea has more support than almost any other on this forum

need cloth simulation physics on dick

This has my support!

I love this idea. So it might not be so productive but it will make add a lot of humor. This has my support.

Other games have boob physics. May as well have dick physics.

How about we are able to take a photo of our own real life penis and upload it to our character model ?

Come on people! there is bigger fish to fry than foreskin detail

Just give me some bouncing cavewoman titties and I’ll be happy!


I don’t have Rust and this thread confuses me

Maybe this will help. Taken straight from the steam page “Contains violence and caveman themed nudity.”

more wiggly penis to the people!!