Rust Perma Free For Alpha Users

Thought I’d post this for those who don’t use Twitter, pretty interesting:


Awesome,im so glad this is the case!

That’s quite a nice gift.

Lucky basatards ha, but if all goes well it will bring in more than enough to make up for it.

Alot of the people in the alpha helped to make the game better,this is their way of saying thanks. :slight_smile:

So rust will cost when it’s released ?

Seems like it.

If you can get a key of course


And now somebody banned me… :frowning: What the hell is going on?

I will cry ;(

what if we got banned for no reason will we get unbanned or no?

Hell yeah! Happy for that one…Im still gonna probably buy it again just to support the devs! :smiley:

I loved that game, and i dream of it sometimes xD
but now , all my hopes are gone ;(

You are banned forever and will be denied access to play the game once it goes out of alpha.

Calm down dude, everything will be ok.

and keys are not beying given out anymore , only for gold members

how can i be calm after you say that i cant play the game even tho i did nothing

Why is this happening to me ???

Dude whats the problem? Why are you getting an emotional breakdown in this thread?

srry :stuck_out_tongue: