Rust Planner 2.0

The Rust Building Planner is live! Here’s the link:

There are still a few things to add and tweak so please let us know if you spot any major bugs or have a suggestion.

Here are the current features:

Offline Mode
Login/Register (let’s you access a saved base from any computer when you’re logged in)
Save/Load bases offline
All current Rust items you can place in the world
Resource cost of building components
Live group editing

Planned features:
New items as they are put into the game
Resource cost of items like chests, barriers, etc.
Browse a gallery of bases online
Worthwhile suggestions from users and other stuff we can think of!


Sorry, it’s not live yet. Hopefully in a couple weeks we can release the link to the public.

Ah! ok, Will this be just 2D or will it have a 3D view

Just 2D - like you’re drawing your own blueprints.

Looks really promising…

I look forward to it

dude thats awesome! I’ll keep a very close eye on this!

This looks really nice! Good job from both of you

nice to see the concept on the move;)

Can’t wait to try it out. Awesome!

good job frank and kentbakk

Hello guys!
I wanted to ask you all first hand if there is anything besides what is listed of features you want to see once we release.

Also thank you all for the kind words and it’s great to hear there is interest in this :slight_smile:

not sure about the current accuracy of the piece sizes, but i’d love to see A) 1:1 scaled components and B) the pieces not being able to overlap so they definitely fit in game:)

We will try to get the objects as close to their real size as possible (this is one of the things we have to adjust if an item appears so small that it is hard to select tough)

The idea of objects not overlapping is quite good, i will try it out later today :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell the sizes are accurate for all items, or at least within a few pixels. I tested all the objects in game to see what the spacing is and tried to get this as close as I could. The walls may be a little thicker than they are in the game, but that’s for visual reasons.

Are you talking about the way the original version overlapped? If so we’ve taken care of that. kentbakk is doing a great job, and he’s placed the objects on different layers so you don’t have to click to bring to front.

WOW thats really really cool and it smells like new babies I want it give ZA to me !!

will luff u long time when you put triangles in. those are a pain to plan out

Looks great guys thanks!

Trust me they are in, with a ton of other blocks (just started on page 4 of items)

kentbakk did a great job with the triangles. They’re beautiful and snappy!