Rust Player Base Statistics (RUST IS REGAINING POPULARITY) :D

All that hard work in April/May seems to have payed off, give yourself a pat on the back facepunch :joy:


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I wander if it is at all possible that rust could one day rival DayZ

Wasn’t the end of May when there was a steam sale and Rust was on sale?

No. I believe it was something to do with the game being alpha and it wouldn’t be fair to put an “alpha” game on sale.

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Already does.

Rust is green, DayZ is blue. Check it for yourself.

Oh wow, whoda thought.

Next goal: ARK

I’m going to be flamed upon for this but…
Rust won’t beat Ark. They have 4 Studios working on it continuously churning out new content and updates (Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement)

You shouldn’t be comparing Rust with ARK also.
ARK is a tripple A game disguised as an indie game.

That doesn’t make it good; just updating faster.

I wish them luck, but they’re doing different things than Rust.

I’m just purely talking about the player base.

Just image the player bump it would’ve got if Garry was on stage @ one of the E3 Press conferences.

garry doesn’t want to grow the Rust playerbase right now. He never intended for Rust to be as popular as it’s become to begin with. He expected a year or more of working in near-obscurity with a small, dedicated group of players, mostly Facepunchers, refining Rust to a point where it’s worth advertising and trying to get people to buy.

And then someone on Facepunch told Reddit about the legacy version of Rust, still running off of a Unity webplayer plugin environment (no exe version, which meant Windows-only and not on Steam, and you had to redownload the entire game every time you loaded it), and it exploded in popularity. The fact that keys were very hard to get made the hype train far larger than it deserved to be, and the forum was flooded with thousands of people who had to play this amazing new game.

garry relented and started selling keys while he got Rust into a form that could go onto Steam (which included adding censorship, enabled by default as required by Steam, for the dongs) in order to meet the constant demand for access to the game. I’m skipping a lot, but it was highly disruptive to not only the Rust subforum but the entire forum.

The only discount garry’s made for Rust is offering a 4-pack at less than the cost of 4 actual copies; he hasn’t put it on sale once. Just imagine the player bump if Rust has a free weekend and goes for 50% off during that weekend–but that’s a trigger garry hasn’t pulled yet, because he doesn’t consider Rust finished enough to be actively promoting it.

Rust’s sold over 2.4 million copies, and most of that last .4 million has been in 2015–slowing, but Rust sold ~2 million copies in the first year, and for most of that, people still thought of it as legacy and most weren’t even aware that the experimental build (now the default) was happening.

Too big a playerbase too soon and you get DayZ’d, where all of DayZ’s relevancy has been spent before it made it out of alpha. There’s almost no point in finishing it now, because most people who would play it have moved on. I hope the Ark devs don’t curse themselves with too much early success.

Rust’s time to shine has yet to come.