Rust player customization?

So, How do I suggest making characters more random? Well. I think the best option rather than add customization, is just to add randomization to players. So, for ex: Say I added a character with a certain hairstyle and hair color, now he is unique due to his unique features. Including eye color or other things that makes each character unique. Assuming we add female characters, I think this is something that needs to be done at some point as a bunch of bald people is going to get weird quick. These features could change over time, so like you grow facial hair and your hair dulls due to age. Wrinkles appear, etc. I mean it sounds like a great idea.

Another idea I had was suppose we allow players to be broken. So for example, say I cut your body. That wound will remain on your body if you survive. So now we have players who could lose limbs, like fingers, toes. Or we could have players who are blinded, had an eye lost and therefore their vision is cut out, Or perhaps they have been castrated, etc. Maybe they have bullet wounds, I mean you know the works. This makes players all unique and the battle scarred will be known by their looks. Of course, torture is maybe not what I’m suggesting but I do think that being able to dismember the players you kill or attack would add some diversity to the characters on rust. Anyhow, that is just what I thinking. Entirely up to you guys if you want to try it out.

Tldr; I suggest adding characters with hair, changing eye color/hair color, and age processing over time. I also want wounds and limbs to be permanently gone when dismembered off the body.

I like that idea. It sounds pretty interesting. Although, what if a player is able to cut out a chunk of meat off them. Would they have bleeding or particle effects of showing they have lost a limb? I think that might not be bad idea either.

I am sure there will be more customisation, maybe you will create your character, maybe its random.

You go beyond that and i am not sure if it will go that far with the “personal” scars and stuff. I think f.e. people would just suicide if their vision gets reduced by eye injuries since there is no penalty when you die AND no benefit based on how long you make it without dying.

Yes particle effects could be a nice touch!