Rust - Please close Cheat engine....

Hi All

So i was getting this message “Rust Launch Error:LoadingError - please close cheat engine before starting the game”

Yes yes i know never do cheat…im a cheater blabla

No, i’m not, i was using Cheat engine to find address for a modding project in fallout 3, i am always 100% that i close cheat engine…i even pull out my network cable when doing this stuff because im afraid to get banned.

I removed Cheat engine from my computer and was able to run rust again.

my profile is 11 years old, and i never cheated…

So, am i gonna get banned for this now, VAC, EAC?


if you get told to close the running cheat engine before starting everything should be fine i also such a message while using cheats in Fallout 4 via file everythings fine

If I’m correct, VAC only picks up if you are online on a server with VAC enabled.
Not sure about EAC.


Fallout 3 not 4 :smiley:

Think im gonna continue on my project on my other computer, without any steam running.

As far as I recall, the valve anti cheat (i dont know about EAC) works by checking if any game file is being modified by another program, meaning it shouldn’t ban you unless you set cheat engine to one of Rust’s files and started messing with the values.

yep, your right , my hunch messing with the sharp dll files i bet!