Rust : Please read this, garry !


I want to say that from what I’ve seen in Rust the game must worth more than 20 Euro/Dollars.
The game is awesome and Garry makes a nice profit out of it.
I really like the game but I wasn’t buying games from when I was hacked one year ago, and the hacker illegal uses Garry’s Mod (Buys each time I guess) and DDoS servers and stoles accounts.
However I won’t bring this up because this isn’t what I want to say.

I want to say that the game is so awesome it needs some improving at the point : Story

The story makes all the gameplay and the pleasure to play it.If it’s singleplayer or multiplayer, It needs an story.Why the outbreak occurred,how army was overrun and other stuff.

Hope this will come somehow to an end of the thread and my questions if I am an moron or not but that doesn’t matter.
If Garry read this until here he must be an good man at hearth.

Best Regards,

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There’s probably some fan fiction somewhere.

I hope so…

Garry said the game would cost around 30 - 40 dollas or so

At this point, the game is in Alpha testing.

Alpha: Dealing with coding and performance, laying out the barebones of how the gameplay will be.

Beta: Improving the bare bones, adding or removing some things, tweaking values to balance things out, fixing a few bugs, maybe some coding changes but not as much as in alpha. Story begins to really be working on here.

And I’m sure they already have a story set up with the game, but they’re probably not gonna put it out until much later.

Or, the game can be similar to mine craft, where there is no story. You make your own, basically. Thi

Most fair price.

This is Pre- Alpha…

I meant not “YOUR” story.
The story that makes the action in it to happen.
I mean the general story that caused the outbreak.

civilization in the island had a nuke and everyone randomly lost their clothes :3

What the fuc***** ?
Then the explication why and who send the nuke.

Well then that drives my point even more. But I didn’t know that… huh. Interesting.

Pre-Alpha because they din’t really released alpha 0_0
It’s like…shit or I don’t know :v: