Rust Pocket Guide Android App


I don’t know if i’ll get banned for this but,

I made an Android app, it’s free and it’s a wiki thingy.

Rust Pocket Guide

You can download it if you want,
you don’t have to.

Tell me what you think :dance:


Very useful!

Just tried it out.

It’s actually a well crafted information app. It’s simple and works. Nice job.

Nice little app,

Whats the difference between the free app and the paid app

Can you make one for my Windows Phone? :dance:

Sorry I have no idea how to make apps for Windows Phone :downs:


Work great and nicely done.
But I can’t Zoom out/in the map, it will by very usefull if I can (phone is galaxy S2)

And I wish that you will keep it up to date since Rust is in constant evolution.

Good Job

I’m constantly checking for the latest updates, i’ll publish the changes when they are released :wink:

nice little app. Mostly informational. I was hoping there would be a couple tools in there like a resource calculator for making things kind of like on id still give it 4 stars

It’s kind of a work-in-progress. I guess I could implement some form of resource calculator :downs:

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I just added zoom functionality on the map :wink:

I will try the zoom :wink:

I don’t have an android phone, I might buy one. Anyway from the look of it, it looks like a cool little pocket app for all your rust needs

Great app! Totally useful.

My only beef is this: It seems the descriptions for items don’t follow any sort of protocol, maybe I’m just being anal retentive (okay, I definitely am) but it bothers me that on some descriptions the crafting info is the first thing and on others you have to scroll down to find it.
I feel like having a specific format would make thing easier for some people, crafting info first, then description or something. Plus, it seems strange to have crafting mats in a paragraph, imo, it should be like a list or something.

^ All of my suggestions are totally unimportant, just a thought. Good job!

Well the descriptions are mainly sourced through Wikia and the PlayRust Wiki. So since there are hundreds of people contributing at the same time, stuff isn’t the same on every page unfortunately.

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Thanks :v:

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Yeah, you should be able to zoom in and out now. :dance: