Rust Post Image Solution

Draw pic in any medium with your hands feet or any body part, ** NOT COMPUTER.**
scan it, upload your pic Use this
once uploaded click picture, then, right click over pic, scroll down to view image, middle click open new tab
copy link in header.
go to post a new post in thread for "win a rust key: etc etc
hit icon that looks like a small tree, (mouse over says “insert image” ) copy link into the popup box
post it.

if you can’t figure out how to post images on a forum you shouldn’t be posting images on a forum

It seems to me that most veteran members here are just flamers and can not except that someone is willing help others rather than dam them.

Or maybe we just don’t like people making useless threads for users we don’t want on the forums?

here’s a guide anyways because i’m not helping anyone

Crass comment was unnecessary…
Still you helped at least by showing your way.
Actually on second thoughts looking at your solution its not much help here at all.
the copyright made me laugh though. lol

actually it’s probably more help since tinypic is a shitty image host

Wow man your negative all the time I bet all your posts are just like this.

only in this subforum

Hmm… lemme check… yes all of his posts are like that. At least none of them are nearly as pointless as this thread.

i actually think it would be really impressive if all 6,944 of my posts were like that

This is a sub-forum for Rust, not tutorials for forum tards. If they need this info, they can look any where the fuck else.

Only for people who are lacking common sense and incapable of looking for instructions.

This applies to all of you who belong to this sub-forum.

I honestly don’t see how people can’t take 10 seconds out of their day to look for the “Insert Image” button. Honestly, it’s on top of the editor. It’s in the ONLY line of tools you can use. How hard is it to just READ? And then instead of reading which takes 5 seconds, they post on the forums possibly wait 3-4 minutes and have themselves be humiliated when they could have just GOOGLE’D it and only used up 1 minute of their time. How is it that complicated? I swear to God, people these days are dumb.

or you could upload it to facebook set to only you can see it if you think it’s that bad, copy image URL and paste it in with the IMG tags, simple

People can find your facebook page that way.

Fair point, I’m not one to care who goes on my facebook but I see others might be.

Just find any image hosting site and you’re good.

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I doubt anyone cares about Facebook here, unless your reputation here is somewhat undesirable.