Rust Prerelease: Got banned from prerelease server !

Hello i have installed the prerelease version of Rust and after joing a server i’ve got banned for no reason. I just wanted to try the prerelease version and after joining a server it says: You have been banned from this server

My question is: Why did i got banned ?


Edit: Sorry for my english !!!

Im hoping this is a big mistake for the new update because I also got game banned from Rust and never ran a cheat, or 3rd party type of software

Me to my friend :frowning:

He got server banned, which means the admin of the server issued the ban and he is still able to play on other servers. A game ban is issued by EAC and means you can only play on non-EAC secured servers. Apples and oranges.

i’m sure the dev who banned you will clarify why you are going to remain banned.

Which server and what was the ban reason ?

I think it was something with Amsterdam Prerelease Server

Reason : I don’t know :frowning: