Rust problem on mac (please help)

i was trying to play rust on my macbook pro retina at 1024x640 (simple graphics) but rust won’t load up the map…it stuckes on CHARACTER LOADING and then i have to force stop my game , Game was running fine on 1024.640 graphics with no lagg until censor update.

my macbook specs are

  • 8gb ram 500ssd hard drive i5 proc and using fast 30mb/ps wireless net.

please help Thanks

I am having similar issues. Most of the time the application stops responding on the “waiting for character” part of the loading. Every once in a while, it will get past that, but it crashes soon after. At this point for me, the game is completely unplayable.

yes exact same problem, even i have everything up to date.

Hey guys, check the The Macintosh RUST Thread.

Basically you need to turn Graphics Rendering down to at least under 50%, so load the game, click options, and pull the Graphics Rendering bar down, and try getting in, you’ll get past the Waiting for Character screen.