Rust problems For garry or whoever else is helping with the game

now indeed i know this is probably not the rite place to post about this but i didnt know where to post about it im not sure… but the when the new updates came to the game such as the grass and etc… my computer has seemed to start crashing when i play. mainly when im out and about lol wouldnt care a whole lot if i was atleast in my house. but i play on the EU1 server and another comment (how long is decay cuz i was only off for like 28 hours maybe that and my house was basically gone. so if its set to 24 hours could u amp it up for us that work sometimes all day theres just those some days i cant get on. but back to the main topic there seems to be alot more lag in the game as i got back on after the recent updates and i know it ant my computer thats all i wanted to say but other than that love this game! I ADVISE STRONGLY for everyone to buy it so garry makes his money and makes it a even better game XD

Theres a search feature. Alot of other people talk about the topics in your thread.