Rust problems: Internet and servers.

Hello, recently I bought rust, and it was a major disappointment, It ruins my internet when I launch it, It wont show me ANY servers (It just says updating at the bottom), And it will not close properly at all.

I tried Restarting steam. And then I rebooted my computer. And nothing is working… Any suggestions on how to get it to work?

idk Im not specialist but mby u need to disable ur firewall

The fire wall is not the problem.

Yeah the game seems to destroy my http connections about half the time I’m running it. Other non-web applications like Skype, torrents, steam chat, etc all work fine but it really messes with standard web stuff.

I really don’t see what my computer is doing to cause this problem…

Are you on a satellite or cellular internet connection?

I consistently use Vent and/or mumble while playing and there are certainly some lag spikes every now and again but it’s not often.

Maybe try a server with a lower ping?

No servers show up. And I think im using cellular… But im not sure.

There are 4 or 5 icons at the top of screen you have to click on official, community, or modded then you will see servers

Also you could consider finding a server’s IP address and joining manually, see if that works.

You arent gunna like this but if you are using cellular or satellite you should really think about staying away from ping dependent online games (like any FPS even rust). cellular or satellite tend to have a much much higher ping then normal land based internet. This makes for problems on both ends with your client and with other clients on the server. This will make the game unenjoyable for yourself and people playing with you because you will die from nowhere and or kill people out of nowhere.

I have a modem… Im not an internet expert…


But I tried everyone’s ideas and NONE of them work… Should I refund the game if I can? This is a HUGE disappointment… I want to kill myself right now…

If you don’t know what type of internet that you have, you probably shouldn’t try using it.

Its a Windstream Modem.

Is there anyway to get a refund on steam?

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My soul feels like it has been crushed into 1000000 Pieces.

What type of internet service do you have?


Type as in, cable/dsl/dialup.

Go to and post the result of your:

Upload Speed
Download Speed

Damnit! So bad… TYPE: DSL (I think)

I have the same problems because I’m using my university network/internet.
It’s about your ports. In steam you can lower your ports/ the requests you send to a server.
Ingame you can’t. That’s why you will have to join server by typing “net.connect SERVERIP”.

I’m sorry, but there are many people with that kind of problem

How do you make this as direct image? The way i searched for it, was wrong.

But not able to load any serverlist :suicide:

May I have a server IP? And how do I connect to a server with an IP?