Rust progress Review

I am Alex,
I have been playing rust for a year or two and I fell in love with legacy.
Something about learning the ins and outs of a new world where anyone you meet could be (most likely) your new enemy or a great ally is beautiful.
Rust has a way of giving so much value to your items due to the fact that when you die or when you are raided it will be lost.
I waited a long time for the new version of rust to come to a playable level and ever since barrels were introduced and rad towns were implemented I found that every content update since has been so thought out and carefully designed.

It’s come a long way from crafting individual pieces of your home with that rush to get a furnace so you can get a metal door before someone busts down your wooden one.
Then we were beating on our walls with hammers for hours to receive that beautiful golden unbreakable wall that turned away any raiders.
Now we are in a new era with rocket launchers and ladders.
I am never unimpressed with the imagination of the Rust development team and I am so thankful that you all take your jobs seriously for us though our responses are usually very critical and ill minded.
There was a Rock drought for a while, but now procedural rust land is teeming with them.
Animals spawns were extremely rare besides chickens, but now they are varied.
Everything is coming together quite nicely and it has been a long road.

I have been playing games like WoW, heroes of the storm, heroes of newerth, dota, garrys mod, etc for a long time and this new jump in to survival games has been something that me and my friend Kenny dreamed of as children if we could make our own game how it would be. being able to create your own home, gather your resources, fight for others, modify and upgrade your guns with different pieces, this game has brought that dream to a reality for me so first I just want to say thank you on behalf of everyone who has ever shared this dream.

Latters are a bit contradictory in the context of their ability to be places in no build zones, I understand that rock bases have been a problem but the flexibility that ladders provide for raiders is too harsh against players who are newly beginning their bases and havent had an opportunity to create proper defenses.

Rad towns are very spread apart and hard to find without using a map, and I find that it has become common to run in to a rad town loot it and die in a safe place or run back in to a home and loot your corpse when you die constantly farming bps, which feels wrong it would be much more fun to have some kind of danger lurking inside or outside the rad towns that is more unpredictable than the radiation poisoning which can be overcome easily even by running through it naked and hiding.

Blueprints are the key to this game clearly, and the research bench is new but I feel that there should be a mechanic to determine the success rate of your research because a 30% flat chance to research a rocket, or c4 is rough, and in the end it comes down to such chance that ive had to borrow about 4 rocket launchers to research it and spend tons of materials getting rockets made to research them. I think that it is great to have a diminishing percentage system and the consumables a one shot at research, but I think it would make more sense to be able to use a variable amount of resources or maybe a variable amount of time to increase your chance of research to 100% to eliminate the redundancy of having to get other people to make things or farming non stop for that one thing you already found and broke. that second of lag in between researching something waiting to see if it becomes a blueprint or shatters is entirely exciting but it becomes annoying after the 5th time in a row. In the end it’s all a function of time and resources anyway so the idea is to have a way to juice up your research table for one research at the cost of 2x the resources per 5% chance or maybe some sort of up to 75% chance by adding 30 seconds per % chance to remove that redundancy problem.

Rust has always been known for it’s unique combat system, the metal gear blew my mind when it first came out deflecting bullets that hit you. the thompson as the first automatic weapon with that weapon spray was nearly impossible to hit someone from any distance. Over time as weapons were released and tweaks were made to the combat system and bullet precision my only concern is that I have been playing first person shooters for a long time and my chances of killing someone in a gun fight are about 20% no matter what my gear, no matter what their gun or gear. It seems that I just cannot tell where my bullet is going to go doing short bursts doesn’t work because by the time i get a good shot they’ve taken me out, and spraying doesn’t work at long ranges it seems like other players can get me way faster all the time.

I am wondering if it’s more a lack of shooting practice, or if there’s some sort of latency or hitbox trick, i’m not sure what it is but i also notice that someone naked with a bow and arrow can pull off more damage and range than someone with an automatic rifle. this just doesn’t feel right.
In the case that my problems in gun combat are related to my own reaction times and my own understanding of the mechanics behind the in depth physics of the bullets, I think it would be nice to have a tutorial mode or a shooting range mode where you are able to do a single player game that is entirely just for getting the feel of where your bullets go when you shoot, how long it takes them to travel, and what damage is done/taken depending on where the bullet hits. This is possible now with battlefield servers which offer kits to gear up with everything instantly but the massiveness of the maps sort of killed that experience though I have not tried hapis island since there were no rocks or animals spawning correctly there may be some hope there.

A single player mode to exercise the use of the game mechanics not so much for the playing experience but just so you don’t work for hours to get a base, bp’s, weapons, just to realize that you cannot hit anyone and your hard work was for nothing because you dont know how to hit your target seems like a turn off which causes me to switch servers or stay in my base a lot since i’m aware my chances of dying are greater than my chances of defeating an enemy in gun combat. It could also be an issue with my graphics or network connection but I think everyone would benefit from some sort of shooting range mode or gun test mode with tracers, and bullet travel information and it would lead to an overall better experience so people don’t feel like they might as well just hide in their base and shoot out windows or teleporting away.

I have never given any input toward the development process so this is my way of giving back. These have been some of my major thoughts and concerns and I do believe that the developers are well aware of the play style at all given times, when things would feel strange in a way it was always tweaked in upcoming patches I respect the dedication to trying things out and giving them a chance rather than throwing the game together exactly as it was before. However I think it was a smart move putting rad areas back in because on such a large map it is important to have places where players will gravitate to, to keep up the player interactions given that there is no threat of dying if you are on your own.

That would be one last concern I have is the rate of survivability. I can live in the frozen biome forever with food and camp fires naked, jump off cliffs, and chase horses or pigs, build a home in the desert without drinking any water or having any sort of threat from the environment. I think random events such as environment disasters such as wild fires, hail storms, blizzards, sink holes, animal packs, just sort of any elements that give rust that feeling of always being on guard and that you could die at any moment from a list of ways. I find it sort of dissatisfying that my only way of putting myself in danger is by confronting other players. my only fear is being attacked by a player with better equipment than me, or naked men with bows or spears. A majority of players will either be peaceful on a server, which results in very low action, or they will be majorly hostile, which results in just constant fighting that ends up being by players who have literally nothing to lose so they just go for it, or players who run in packs so they are able to pick each other up and never die. I don’t believe there is a problem with the human to human aspect I just think it would be constructive for gameplay to offer more dangers given that it is a survival game, what is it that we are surviving against? Other players? Maybe I don’t want to fight the 14 year old loud mouth who’s coming at me with a spear, maybe I’d rather be fighting off a pack of random bears that are running through the forest. Or maybe a pack of wolves that ambush me. In rust you will die. It’s just a matter of time. But dying only to other players gets old being the only threat to survivability besides hunger and thirst which are easily mended.

Thank you developers, and all server hosts, anyone who has worked on mods that make the game so much better.
I appreciate everything you have done as a team and a company and I am fully behind your progress.
I urge other players who made it this far through my post to post your own reply, or your own thread just putting out your concerns with the game or things you love about it, maybe your relationship with the game through it’s different stages of development and share your ideas! The developers may not read our words directly but as early access players we signed up to be a part of this development we’re all the best tools for the future of this game that there is. Our money and time spent playing Rust has given them the opportunity to create this game and our continued support will only make it better.

Thank you,
Your fellow gamer Alex.
p.s. if i had a dollar for every time i joined a server, made a house, and was surrounded by a group of men with accents bashing on my walls persistently to get inside just to realize there is nothing in there i would have a ton of dollars.