Rust PVE server still down?

the rust pve server is still down and i was wondering if it will ever be back up, i know its an experiment but its fun to not fight against players and raiders as much when you are trying to make a video to show off the things you can do in rust

First of all it seems they are taking the PVE more seriously since there is quite a band playing at it.
But as of the downtime I guess we can’t even guess, since there are DDoS attacks currently…


The crazy thing is, when the server showed up for a few minutes at different times yesterday I was able to log on. There was horrible lag, but I just hung out. A few minutes later the server disappeared from the list, but I was still able to play on there. After about an hour the rubberbanding stopped and I was actually able to play, and gather plane drops. The thing is there was only one other player online besides me. So even though the server isn’t showing, this doesn’t mean you house and everything else hasn’t been raided by the lucky player that got online and stuck through the rubberbanding for an hour.

You must live closer to Washington DC than I do. I was rubberbanding for half an hour to get to my house, but I got DCed due to excessive ping.

I live in Eastern Ohio, the lag completely disappeared. I can usually tell by how long it takes to change weapons and doors to open. I got bored quick, did not want to do much since I wanted to maintain control over my good loot in my inventory.

I died because of the AMD crashes. I’m currently using my laptop’s built in Intel HD 4000 GPU.

I swear dude, you must have the same laptop as me with all your specs you’ve posted on other posts. even with a low-end graphics card this laptop actually manages games quite well. (Before all the bugs and crashes.)

I have to say, most people have no idea how to buy a laptop. They seem to think that you need “The best of the best!” when you really only need something that can play a game like ArmA 3 on mid range graphics.
As for desktops though…Looks over at the bad-ass desktop currently mining bitcoins

You can custom build a tower pc that can run battlefield 3 or skyrim on maximum graphics for under 1200$ (About 1000$ in the US) yet people will spend an extra 100-150 dollars to get an i7 instead of an i5. There honestly isn’t much difference, your better off spending the money on a better graphics card then a i7 instead of a i5.

asus z87-pro MOBO
EVGA GTX 660 Super Clocked
16gb`s Mushkin 2400 Over clocked RAM
2x120GB SSD
725W PSU
Average framerate-100FPS
the i7 was on a good sale 10% off and the MOBO was 60$ off, its not about how much yous spend, its about what you get with your money.

My desktop has an i7 extream, as well as a good Nvidia GPU. Mining on all cylinders on that thing, and the payout it good enough for me to buy a new game yearly and pay for my half of the bills.

Obviously if you have money to spend, but overall its really not that much difference. You would have had a better system investing in a 670, unless you don’t use your computer JUST for purely gaming?