Rust PvP #1 - 1v2 Pistol vs M4's and Bolt Action's [SUPPORTIVE CRITICISM IS APPRECIATED]

I haven’t made a Rust video in a while, the last two were about my server (It’s against the rules to post servers here so I’m not really going to mention anymore:D)

Supportive critism is appreciated, how I can improve in anyway, not just hate and I know some people know the obvious different but I’m going to show the people who don’t, what it actually looks like:

Supportive critism e.g: That’s an alright video, part from the fact that you can improve by maybe rendering it with more bit rate, or writing/recording to the file with higher fps:D

Hate e.g: You’re a loser!

Hate that people think they can trick with critism e.g: I’ll give you some supportive critism, stop making videos!

I love it when I get supportive critism so I know where to improve on, the comments I’ve put above are ones I’ve had in the past, however the positives, likes, and the subscribers heavily out-weigh the hateful comments:D
So I’ve realized I have rambled on for a bit, so here’s the video:)

(I advise putting it into 1080p quality in the settings on the video’s bottom bar).

content: Your aim isnt too good and these guys u played vs them are just fuckin terrible lol.
quality: good good :slight_smile:

tip: next time try to hit guy who loots not that who is running around o/

I’ll make sure to improve my aim then aha, and whilst doing that I’ll try and find some more challenging opponents:)
Thanks for the tip and thank you about the quality:D

The reason they ran off was simply due to the fact that they had no point in killing you. If they would have killed you they most likely wouldn’t have got to you stuff, which made it pointless in killing you. Plus! You got some nice shots off, and they had terrible aim :wink:

Ahh, that’s true indeed, however if they only came into the metal base, they could just walk through all the blown up doors as I did:D and thank you for the nice shots comment, I do try:D