Rust PvP idea - Fake dying scream!

how do you find the idea of players to be able to make a fake scream, like the one when injured, so enemies think that they are down while fighting. It would be interesting in situations such as fights in bushes etc :stuck_out_tongue:

we do it all the time, we recorded it and we play it back over voice chat. they run in and we shoot them in the face with a shotty…works best in bushes and blind corners of buildings.
Its called soundbait.

People who fall for such a shitty bait deserve to die… in Rust. I mean, a dude tried it on me a few days ago. I opened the door and hid behind it. Let the guy into my airlock. Closed the main door and trapped him. Got out of the window on the second floor and went farming for a bit. 10 min later I had a nice body filled with nice juicy loot ready for harvest. Didn’t even have to kill him, I just had to let him rot for a bit and wait for him to kill himself :smiley:

And don’t forget about getting hermits out of their huts by playing the cargo plane sound. For all its imperfections, it works every time.

“Huh. I can’t see the plane. Must be getting blocked by these high stone walls. Better run outside and look up!”

Every. Time.