Rust - PVP Montage

hehehe they thought you where hacking xD
but good shooting :slight_smile:

Some of the kills were just terrible aiming, also why would you leave in fresh spawn kills?

thank you

not bad:)

I haven’t got a very good shot but i still get kills

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Thank you :slight_smile:

fun to watch and enjoyable

rofl, nice resskilling naked people you shitty excuse for a human being :slight_smile:

thank you for that… i will take that on board…

Nice kills, it shows what gets people off lol.

I’m 200 hours in and haven’t killed shit, but I haven’t been killed much either. I think twice and only once on purpose.

ive got around 300 hours of gameplay and ive had tonnes of action… go on a server called Battlefield, you do /starter and you have instant kevlar and guns… so you can go round killing everyone, i suggest going on there

That actually sounds pretty bad ass might have to check it out when i get home.

It is an epic server… all the kills on this video were performed on the Battlefield server… it also can get about 200 people on it at once! which is epic for pvp

15 fps, really bad aim, laggy server no audio from the game…

Says the person begging not to be killed on Dev server.

What are you talking about ? You’re off topic bro

I purposely put no sound from the game because it would be better just with music going to it

Ok but I think most people enjoy hearing in game sounds :confused:

Well i thought it would be better if it only had music to it and its got a good reaction so far

" its got a good reaction so far "
Dumb x 4 lel