Rust: PVP or not?

Howdy all. I’m sure this has been hashed out many times but I’m interested in getting a few opinions in one place to consider.

I tried Rust a couple months ago and didn’t do too well. This go around I had more time to play. I have a nice base. It would take quite a bit of resources to get into my loot room. I have guns, armor, C4 etc. and live near a monument. Basically, I’m set up to get to what I previously considered the meat of the game, PVP. I love the adrenaline rush of staking out the monument, waiting until someone is in perfect position, and engaging. I have been jumped this way many times in the last few days while building up my resources and hunting loot. It doesn’t ruin my day to get outplayed.

However, when you kill people this way, they sometimes act completely astonished. Outraged. They can’t believe it. They don’t want to live anymore. Why did you kill me?? I didn’t do anything to you! Of course, there’s no guarantee that if they had the jump on me they wouldn’t do the same thing. The gunplay in the game is pretty all over the place. Ambush is the only way to ensure a high chance of success.

I honestly, truly don’t want to ruin anyone’s day. However, once you’ve got your base set up and your chests all full of crap…what do you do? If you do see someone running nearby, your options are to engage or hide basically, because you don’t want to run up to someone and start talking. If they do want to kill you, then giving them the first shot is a great way to lose. The game seems pretty silly if all you do is build a base and hide in it. I know that it’s early access and more is coming down the line, but I’m interested in enjoying the game as it is also.

I’m actually a loss here and would appreciate thoughtful opinions.

This was an issue in legacy as well. The endgame of Rust seems to be either hide in your base with your chests full of loot like a paranoid hermit, or lightly gear up with minimal gear and go hunt other players.

What fun is it to just wipe everyone else off the server? Its a very harsh style of play, just keep destroying everything and everyone until you are the only ones left. Its very linear and it totally ruins what the game is capable of. This is in large due to the younger audience this game has attracted, they can’t get their rocks off in reality so they do it in video games by being complete douchebags.

More super rare higher tier stuff is needed for the Rust endgame. There also needs to be a checks and balances system to make sure no one group or even individual becomes too powerful. Maybe collectibles, like rare animals, plants and seeds, fish, antique blueprints for a Model T type car, I’m sure you get the idea.

That’s because this game doesn’t fit neatly into a “PvP” or PvE" classification.

Although…if I see a solo player as you described, running alone near a monument…I leave them alone. A solo player wouldn’t be able to get into your base, and if they didn’t engage me, why would I risk the added attention of engaging them?

I pretty much PvP in self defense only. That way I KNOW the other party was looking for trouble, and I won’t feel bad about killing them (and possibly wasting half an hour of their gather time). I hate that when it’s done to me (especially when I’m a fresh spawn, being hunted by well armed players who would have NOTHING to gain from killing me except being a Rust troll)…so I don’t do it to others, either.

The golden rule. Learn it, live it.

The game is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from finished, don’t think that the current state of the game and how it’s played reflect the final mix in the least.

“Welcome to Rust” is the answer to the crybabies asking why :slight_smile: It’s an unforgiving game where you never know when you’ll either meet someone who will become your best friend ever or just have your brains splattered all over the scenery for absoluly no valid reason. This is the signature harshness of Rust and what makes it so sweet and sour at the same time.

Some servers the players will announce they are raiding, ask to be raided, or some combination. I’ve played on servers where everyone is pretty cool and PVP is only during raiding… which is either asked for or announced by a group. “Hey…we are out raiding, who’s big base is this by a lighthouse?”

Depends on where you play I guess.

 This is the opinion that my friend expressed as well when I mentioned it.  Just go armed and ready for trouble, but not looking for it.  My question to you is:  What do you do?  After you've got a 10+ C4 (needed to break into) base and enough food to last you six wipes, what's your next goal?  I feel like I've beaten the game five days after the wipe.  I  could build another base and stock it full of crap, but that really doesn't seem appealing.

 There is no hostility in this question, I'm just genuinely curious.  Anyone feel free to answer, not just Swill.  But thank you Swill for taking the time to reply also.  Also, so far I haven't killed anyone that didn't have a gun in their hands when I ambushed them.  Your answer begs the question though:  What if someone was building a base right next to yours that WOULD be in direct competition for monument loot and resources?  Then do you kill them while they are trying to build and destroy their sleeping bag?  Or introduce yourself?

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Thanks elix, I know the game will look completely different. I’m more looking for opinions on the game’s current state though. Right now, we have guns but nothing to do with them. Once you have a spear and some food you are Lord of the Animals, after all. If the answer is: “Nothing, there’s really nothing to do but be a badass bandit/total jerk (depending on point of view)”…then that’s the answer, so be it. There’s just a lot of mixed messages from the community when one moment you’re getting ambushed by three armed guys who despawn the stuff they don’t want after killing you, and then when you do the same thing you have four people acting like you’re a sociopath in chat.

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I guess what I’m trying to decide is whether or not the fact that I enjoy PVP and that I’m bored is a good enough reason to create a situation where another human being will feel genuine sorrow as a result of my actions. I understand your point of view better than theirs, honestly.

Everything gets wiped monthly anyway. Where does this sense of attachment to virtual items come from? I don’t think I’d get as upset as some of these people have if I totaled my car.

Thanks for the input.

Some players go around to the “little guys” and help them out.

Whether it’s helping them build a better base, giving them weapons or resources, sharing tips, etc.

Others build little towns and or “stores” or other things.

Depends on what you want to do.

On a couple servers, there is a clan that has become the “police” of sorts.

They still raid and loot and what not, but it’s usually the douchebags and clans that want to own the server by leveling everyone else on it.

No PVP unless someone shoots at them first.

Now these are some ideas worth thinking about, thanks! I don’t agree that playing the game the way people want to makes them “douchebags”, however.

I guess it’s a relative term.

On the one server, there was a group that constantly killed everyone and anyone…even going on “hunts” as they called it, to seek out other players to kill, walled in a rad town, leveled bases for no reason, and basically griefed everyone just to do it.

The “police” group showed up… probably 10… and made quick work of shutting them down so the other players could actually “play”… so to speak.

They also worked with players on their offensive and defensive attacks.

They could choose not to do that, but they seem like a decent group of guys that want to make the game play more “balanced” by helping players become better for when they are not around, or when they play on other servers, rather than feel like a hopeless newspawn.

i agree that it doesn’t really fit neatly into either the PVP or PVE.

personally i don’t kill every player i see, but it IS the safer option, and this means that a lot of people do it as the first reaction to seeing a player to keep safe. other people use players as a stepping stone to obtain gear and resources as quickly as possible. other people talk to everyone they see, attacking nobody and being genuinely surprised that they have been killed by someone “without cause”. it all comes down to what you want out of the game, and what behaviour you can live with.

i see no reason to kill randoms and ruin their game, especially just for a torch from some newspawn. but if i’m attacked i’ll happily defend myself.

Suggestion. Down a player, disarm them. if they beg, let them up to continue on their way. I’ve had that happen before many times, and respected the player, so long as they left me with something to gather resources with.

It’s probably less about the items and more about the frustration of constant setbacks. I played for about 10 hours yesterday, and it just wasn’t my day. 8 times in a row went out naked to get bp frags, only to be gunned down by fully geared groups. My main accomplishments for those 10 hours was getting a bag down at another rad town and successfully researching the hatchet.

Will there be any Mutants / Infected in the soon future or did Garry scrap the idea?

I don’t know about that but he said recently they want to expand PvE:

What this game really needs like DayZ and other survival games is an actual NPC threat. Be it zombies, mutants, or whatever. (In DayZ zombies have retarded AI same as H1Z1)

U fire a gun? U attract the attention of not only other players but whatever the NPC threat is.

As it is the endgame is griefing other players.

For me i love base building and i love when i get raided because i always learn new things to make it harder for raiders. Even when the balance between building and raiding is ridiculous. 1 guy working 2 hours can ruin your base that took u 10 hours to build. Thats simply stupid.

Most games survival games I’ve played have a PvE, but’s incredibly weak. It’s why people prefer PvP.

If Rust could add something that would keep even the clans on their toes, I’d think that could help.

Yes please. Some real threat which needs to be gunned down or else kills you. No radiation or shit.