Rust QA

Hey Community,

I’m looking for a few people who want to seriously test Rust. I’m trying alone but the KOS thing is ridiculous. This isn’t a “clan” so to speak, however it should be fun.

So people who are/have/want:

  • 18+ (Nothing against younger people if they are mature),
  • Have decent internet connection from (EU or US doesn’t matter).
  • Want to play Rust a lot.
  • Crap sense of humor.

Let me know.

If there is enough people, I’ll invest in a TS3/vent server for us to chat on and get stuff sorted. I work 9-5.30(GMT), Mon-Fri. So I will be on in the evenings and on weekends! However, the TS/Vent will be open 24/7.

I have access to a QA team at work, so if we are becoming useless. I’ll ask them what we are doing wrong and ask for the wisdom about breaking… I mean testing things…

Hi man
First of all I like your idea of a group rather than a “clan”.
And secondly, could you open your PM to everyone so I could send you a message?
I do also work from Mon to Fri at pratically the same hours, and could play a lot more during week-ends.


My PM is sorted. Message away.

Did send you a message.