Rust++ Question

So I’m well aware how to install/uninstall rust++ and whatever

My question is, what do I do when Rust itself updates? I’m going to assume every time rust updates the mod becomes moot until a patch is run along

So do I just

  1. /saveall then save.all
  2. stop server
  3. Backup rustPP/serverdata
  4. uninstall rust++
  5. Uninstall Leather
  6. run steam update
  7. Launch rust
  8. when rustpp update comes out stop server, install leather, install rust++
  9. replace config with my old rustpp config and move back in doorsave data

Correct or anything I’m missing? Just need a confirmation cause I’ve never actually had rust update when running the mod

Nailed it.

Make sure to double check the configs for anything that’s changed or been added.

I’d assume nothing would change if it’s just rust updating but I’m aware of that, thanks for the confirmation