Rust: quo vadis?

I asked this question long ago on Steam, for the old version, and I ask it again for this new one. I know the branch is still in experimental, early state but I feel like the moment where it must be decided which way Rust will take is approaching. So, even if it is sandbox (which means almost total freedom, no fixed objectives), I still believe, imho, that this game must have a cool, original background story (how it all began, why this and why that), corresponding playing environment and conditions (immersive world, survival mode, interactions with other players) that will make it stand out from other sandbox games and a progressive experience (not just doing the same every time you start playing).

From all these 3 points of view, which features do you think Rust must outline and what kind of world should this amazing team of developers (:v:) create for us?

1. Shipwrecked, on an island, Bear Grylls or Naked and Afraid individual survival mode (PVE and PVP), manage to stay alive day by day

2. Convicted people are thrown on an isolate island (like in “The Condemned”, “No Escape”, “The Hunger Games”) and must survive, specially by fighting against other unfortunates like you

3. Post-apocalyptic, post-war era, people trying to re-build society (PVE, PVP, COOP), create tribes, cities, civilizations with rules and big communities with common interests

4. Apocalyptic times (failed experiments, wicked world doomed), with zombies and mutants, where players are encouraged to cooperate against the outside danger. Worst of all is you becoming a zombie becuase you got infected and then you will have to survive by eating other players’ brains.

5. Paradise world versus Hell on Earth, LOTR style: build create and protect peaceful communities against dark forces. Choose your side

6. Nature lovers. Try to survive and coexist with nature like in the old good times. Dinosaurs and other ferocious beasts walk among the face of the Earth and you must learn how to tame, hunt and protect yourself. Caves are the most wanted things in the world, as they offer maximum protection.

7. No story, no objective, PVE, PVP, COOP, kill, loot, build, kill, loot, build. You are thrown into the world, don’t know how things got to this point (all mistery) but must survive and find (or make up) the answers too all the questions and a purpose for your life

8. A little bit of everything. Divide the world into areas for each one of these (or even mix them, where possible) and let players choose their place and story. Servers owners can choose what type of game they will host

9. I have a better idea (tell me, tell me)

10. Nothing, this game is a failure.

No. Having a story limits the creativity players can exert. Less story means more fan freedom.

No, we have The Forest for that.

That’d make everybody instant bad whereas the game should leave this decision to the player.

That’s almost what it’s now. But this idea is only the rough border of the world, not a story. It would be why and how it went post-apocalyptic…

been there, millions of times. Maybe Prototype or Fallout are the games you want.

Meh. Fractions should, if any, be player made and not some premade stuff.

Again, too much restriction. If there are flamethrowers I will burn woods, not much nature love there.

There’s always a story and an objective, that which you set yourself. And it’s the best.

So I think overall your ideas could be done through mods and I’m sure some people would play them. But that is definitely not the way Rust should be going.

To me Rust is a team game in which you try and survive while being at war with some groups and befriending others. Emphasis on Player on Player interactions of any kind.

Im quite sure garry will use the same ideology as he used on garry mod :C. Open world survival with no story and fully “modable” game where everyone can make their own story,build their own world and generate their own world.

here’s my story.

One day, an evil scientist group clones an army of Jason Stathams that have engineering abilities that rival the best engineers in the world. However, it turns out this isn’t particularly useful to anyone, so the project was canceled (presumably, replaced by the classic “torture little girls so that they become killing machines”) and the clones were sent onto a random island so that they could live out their lives and engage in wacky hijinx. Some of the evil scientists are voyeurs, so they stripped the clones butt naked so some people could jerk off to them without the clones noticing.

your profile pic just makes this even funnier;)

So, it would be like a tool/template for creating games: take this world, take these possibilities, take this mods creator and make your own game? Doesn’t sound bad. Each server would be a new world, with its own story and survival mode, with its own rules and objectives.

A very good poll. I sincerely hope the Post-Apocalyptic-War side wins!