Rust-R-US New Server - Realistic Mode - Rare Advanced Weapon, Armor, and C4

We are using Oxide Mod
motd / location / custom game time / custom day time and night time / sethome / arena / deathmessage / custom loot and craft controller / group

You can create groups to form your own team
Advanced Weapons,Armor, and C4s can only be found in air drop supplies
You will not be able to craft guns, kevlar, rad suits, c4s, explosives, or grenades
Nor will you be able to research them. However you can research gun mods.

Sleeper is On
Craft time is 1/5 of normal time

We just wiped Feb 6th 2014

Come join us in an epic realistic world of Rust.


Admins: Simba (Owner) and Boy