Rust-R-Us Server 24/7 PvP, Ranks, FastCraft, Sleep, Events, Admins Looking For People

We are Rust-R-Us Gaming looking for people to come join our server. Our server is located in US-West Los Angeles. We run Oxide Mods to keep things fresh by experimenting with new mods created by users. We have weekly events such as Mass Air Drops, Treasure Hunts, Castle Defend, Tower Race, so much more. We also have stats to keep yourself in check how many you’ve killed or been killed. On Special Occasions we will be giving out special kits to all and having special events. We are looking forward to having a consistent 20+ a day so come check us out. Find us on the modded section of the server browser directly connect to us @

F1 - console


See you in the world of Rust-R-Us!

[Server Owner] Simba

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))