Rust Radiation Symbol

I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this so bear with me. So i’ve been messing around in photoshop and made a nice and clean symbol for Rust. It took me a while to get all the textures right. So here it is. Some positive feed back would be nice. :slight_smile:

Looks good.


here’s a video of you drawing it

I didn’t draw that. I used it as a guide.

but they are the same

literally the exact same

you print-screened it off the youtube 480p player, it’s the exact same size too

I basically copied it step by step.

you said you made it in photoshop, the person in that video didn’t use photoshop

This guy is fucking hilarious

So what if he didn’t use photoshop? Not that hard to replicate.

why does your picture have the same compression artifacts as the 480p youtube video?

Idk. I didn’t really notice it.

Zanazu you are a fucking disgrace. At least try to make it look like you didn’t steal it or at least admit it. Jesus man, that’s fucked up.

I didn’t steal shit. Go to a different post.

all he did was steal something (it’s not as if he’s expecting pay or anything). it’s a really dumb thing to do but there’s no need to call him a “fucking disgrace”, what sort of first post is that?

All I did was try to make a logo, and I get called out for it. Why? Idk. People are assholes on their first post I guess.

1 = the one in the video
2 = the one you made

yeah you totally made this in photoshop and copied it pixel-to-pixel

Not that hard to replicate something. People do it all the time.

Just stop, really just stop digging this hole.

whoa hey there don’t think i’m 100% on your side, you still clearly copied this (you didn’t edit it or anything, you just copied it) and tried to claim it as your own

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this reminds me of something i made a few years ago