Rust Radio

Continuing the Rust Interviews but letting the people of Rust ask the questions, through my new radio station: WBGK “The Swamp”

i laughed my ass off at this, you’ve got a radio announcer voice too. nice work.

Funny, I subscribed. Would be great to have 2 episodes/week.

Yeah very funny dude, Thumbs up!!

Possibly, further down the road I will put out 2 a week but currently I’m in grad school while doing this, I’m just trying to be realistic with balancing school and youtube.

“why does your penis look exactly like mine”

XD im dying

Great show. Loving it. You have a specific server you do this on or is it random?

Ho, hey, sweet. I saw your stuff a couple of days ago when Gabe from Penny Arcade linked to your Youtube interviews in their first comic about Rust.

Funny stuff man, glad to see you post on Facepunch.

I just hop into populated servers.

hey strawberry you have a nice gif

You should browse some of the other sub-forums more then. There’s a lot of amazing avatars out there way better than mine.