Rust raiding

Wow, your group is very disorganized, lol.

random slow mo shots when missing the target and the sped up shots while in the most intense combat made for a really backwards video, horrible video.

lol worst raid ever!

Reasons why you shouldn’t bring a rock to a gunfight:

Also i’ve seen this guy streaming on twitch before, why does he looked like hes backed up into a corner with like no room between his his body and his keyboard lol, he looks so uncomfortable. His shoulder looks like its against a wall.

Why do people add silencers to m4s its so dumb you never want to reduce your range with the m4.

I dont have a group, this footage is from playing with viewers.

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Tried to do something different, srry it didnt appeal for u.

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wat? why - It was pretty intense and hard to get into raid. Sure the loot wasnt that great but the difficulty was high.

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Its how I am used to game, everyone has their preference.

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Not my gun, I just pickup what I loot. All I usually add to m4 is a simple holo sight.

Love this video. I think a lot of people forget that you’re supposed to have fun in this game, not gather the most possible resources (unless that’s fun for you.)

thank you! Exactly, I dont get why people are so pixel hungry. I mean sure, it is pixels and sure it helps gameplay. But in the end imo its all about the fights.