Rust Ram Error

When I Play Rust On A Windows xp 32 bit, I Always Lag TO SHIT I Have 2gb Of Ram how much ram do i neeed?

Are you playing in full screen? The game is laggy as shit for me if I don’t put it in full screen, but when I do I then get 60-100 FPS.

My desktop is running XP 32 bit with 2GB of RAM as well and I lag as well. I’d recommend getting at least 8GB. I’m not exactly sure how much RAM Rust requires, but I would try to get at least 8GB if you can, 4GB at the minimum.

This isn’t an “error”, its just that your computer sucks and the game is unoptimized.

I don’t see how this is helpful…

I do think that more then 2 ram is needed, also what is your graphics card?

Generally I’d advise at least 4gb of RAM, it’s just useful to have and games are starting to require more and more. I have 8gb of high-speed RAM and I’ve found it to be perfect for lots of gaming. I have no idea about Rust however as I don’t have a key. I’d say try getting another 2gb of RAM, it’s cheap. Make sure you get the EXACT same make/model of RAM as the RAM you have installed to ensure compatibility.

hes just stating the facts

Like others are saying, you don’t have enough ram. 4GB of ram is enough for gaming these days.

if your computer is still running windows xp 32 bit you should not expect to run any new 3d games

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it is just the truth

Ram could be the problem but also old graphics cards can do the same laggy problem

It’s very helpful, seeing as he’s running an extremely old OS with, by the sounds of it, a horrible system, he really should upgrade if he wants to actually do anything useful with it.

4gb and Windows 7 is minimum for all new computers…

Maybe something is wrong with your Unity?