Rust random errors

I get this error every day and i can’t find a fix, i can’t troubleshoot it on google, no replies on reddit or steam community. Does anyone please know what i can do to stop this? it keeps crashing my game.

Do you think you could, oh, I don’t know, POST THE LOGFILES IT CREATES?

Open the latest folder up and paste them on pastebin and then link to the pastebin here. The crash folders are located inside the Rust folder in Steam.

Calm down mate, no need to go caps on me.

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and this is the outputlog

I see someone make this kind of thread at least once a week, and you’ve been here for several months. I expect you to be able to follow the instructions in the last line of text in that box at the very least.

Also, wait, what are you doing making another thread for nearly the exact same problem a day ago? AND you failed to provide logs with your first post in both threads. jfc

Windows Update is a terrible way to update your drivers. They’re frequently years out of date. Go to your computer manufacturer’s website for driver downloads.

i checked every msi live updater 6, there no updates at all, in the output log i found several times this “[BUNDLE] Not found: Assets/Icons/.png” might i be missing a file?
i’m downloading manually an update now for my audio driver. i’ll keep you updated. Thank you tho investing your time to help me.

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I deinstalled my audio drivers and reinstalled them, restarted computer 2 times, gonna play some rust now, hopefully crash free. incase it works, thanks alot for the help. appreciate it :smiley:

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Nope, was farming an animal and got the error again …

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Also i don’t know if it has anything to do with this topic but atleast once a day i get a blue screen memory_management error. This all started since i got a new computer.

BSODs are usually caused by bad drivers or other problems with the system itself. Rust doesn’t have the access rights to cause a BSOD on your machine directly (but a graphics driver crash certainly could, for example).

If you’re getting a BSOD then all bets are off on fixing Rust until that’s resolved.

Download Bluescreenview and use it to look at the most recent crash.

Highlighted here are the two details I want from you about the BSODs:

it looks diffrent then the picture u linked but i got this from the program

I see a memory management crash and a driver-related crash (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL).

Run Memtest86+ through at least five passes and see if it reveals problems with your RAM. Note: This will take a while.

What version is your video driver?

Version and how do i install exactly? it’s a bin file or iso file, wasn’t able to mount either off them

Here’s the thing: Memtest needs to be the only thing running–this means you need to boot into it instead of Windows.

For that reason, the site gives you ISO files to burn yourself a boot CD. However, if you have a USB key you can reformat, you can use that instead with the auto-installer for USB keys. It’s labelled

Alright thanks alot :smiley: i’ll write back when it’s done.

Do i really need to do 5 passes? Im at 0 still and already 2018 errors

I would say no. Looks like you have some bad RAM. Get that replaced and I bet it solves many of your problems if not all.

Well the ram is new, never had problems with it in my old computer

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Maybe i didn’t put it in right?

  1. You could just need to re-seat it.
  2. RAM is very sensitive to ESD, so if you moved from one system to another that can be an opportunity for damage to be done.
  3. much less likely but possible the controllerchip on the new system could be bad.

Personally the next steps I would take would be to test each stick individually.
So remove all ram except one stick(place the others in an EST bag or container help protect them). Rerun Memtest. You don’t need to do five runs at this point, But I do at least two minimum.
If everything comes back fine repeat with a different stick of RAM.
Once you isolate which stick(s) is bad, put the known good sticks back in boot back to windows and see if you get any other errors.

If all the sticks come back good try rerunning them in a different slot. this could be a sign of a bad controllerchip or one of 1000 other things.

P.S. Make sure you turn off and unplug the computer, and touch part of the metal casing(Helps eliminate any voltage difference between you and your computer.) before you remove your RAM.

Please let us know what you find or what you decide to do.

Ok i reseated the ram (never did this befor so i hope i did it good, watched some guides before i did it) i got some pictures of memtest too. I’ll get back to you 2 if i get an error. Thank you both so far :smiley:

Had a blue screen again, was about my ram, i took one piece of my ram out it (2 sticks of 8gb i have) and it’s working fine so far, maybe one stick was defect?

It’s quite possible. If you take the stick out, and then Memtest comes out nice and clean with no errors (or even, say, one because the computer had a bad day for a few microseconds), it was a bad stick and you should be fine (fine except for only having half your RAM).

As hacker183 says, you have to handle RAM very carefully because if you have a static electricity charge built up in your body when you touch a RAM stick, you can destroy it. It’s why computer parts with chips/etc. almost always come in an anti-static bag with big warnings on it.

yeah i think it was a bad stick :stuck_out_tongue: yet rust is till crashing, once now in about 3 hours but without an error once, then once with one … error log output log

I’ve never seen someone post a crash log containing that, and I have no clear idea what would cause it. (Reminder, I’m not a Rust dev.)

I would do three things:

  1. Verify Rust’s file integrity in Steam (even if you’ve done it before, that bad RAM stick could’ve fucked things up)

  2. Run Windows 7’s scandisk on the drive Steam/Rust is installed to, with the check disk surface option. If it’s the same drive Windows is on, it will need to postpone the scan until the next reboot, before Windows starts. Same general reason as Memtest needing to start at boot instead of inside Windows.

  3. Run scans in case you have malware on your system. I suggest MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM), and you may also want to run Rootkit Revealer.

If you do use RR, run it and let it sit for 5 minutes to scan your system after it starts up. Things in black text are safe and normal (RR will find system-level stuff that’s supposed to be there), things in


text are potentially malicious and harmful. If nothing red comes up and Rootkit Revealer’s been running for 10 minutes (you don’t need to go to the other tabs, just open it and don’t touch while it works), you’re fine.