Rust randomly closing out

So this has been happening for a while now,

I’ll load up rust and join a server and about 2 minutes in it just closes completely with no error. Its like a ghost is pressing alt-f4 for me.

I’ve looked around for a solid fix and ive only found one guy saying he has fixed it, and his steps will not work for me. So now I’m here

Anyone else have this problem and fix it?

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shameless bump

I’m waiting for a fix for this as well. My crashes to desktop are rather random though. I’ve played for 1+ hour without a crash. Other times, I can crash at irregular intervals.

I am assuming you two have AMD cards like I do. Crashing randomly with my 290x

I also find the game randomly crashes out with no error from time to time on my system as well. I haven’t noted any consistency in what might be causing it so far.

Sounds like we need to rally on this issue

Still haven’t found a fix for this. If anyone has info please repost to this thread.

I have had the same issue. I am running Windows 7 64 bit with an nvidia geforce 290x. Rust closes at unpredictable intervals without warning or an error message.

Yeah this is really weird, I’m gonna keep bumping though until someone sees it

Latest updates have no effect on this. Still randomly crashes for no apparent reason.

I know, I keep trying to play after each update but I still get this bullshit. It’s amazing to me that nobody has a fix.

This latest patch started these crashed for me.

If any of you find any info post it to this thread, so far I’ve only found

so far I have this


Which is cool for this guy, but when I follow these steps I never see the “beta” dropdown menu hes talking about

Maybe it will help one of you though

Sucks fucking dicks that I cant play this game because of some oddly elusive simple issue like this.
Sorry for portuguese

Haha thanks so much for making the clip, but I knew where the guy went in his menus. The problem is that in MY menus that drop-down thing doesnt drop-down its just a static box. I’m not sure why.

My rust is fixed :smiley: no more random drops. The fix suddenly worked even though it didnt before.

That fixed mine also