Rust Rareness

I really don’t like how hard it is to get Rust, it’s practically impossible!

  • You don’t really give out keys to the public.
  • The picture contest, since i entered, there’s been over 700 new entries.
  • You made it easier for Gold Members to get keys, but you don’t even offer Gold Memberships anymore (I say easier, but it’s probably hard for them as well, but at least they have a chance).
  • You can’t even buy the key.
  • Most live streamers/Youtubers, when there’s a new ‘Key’ based game get some more keys to giveaway, well with this one, i’ve only seen very few amount of them actually get that chance to (Might just be me).

Like, i would gladly pay for this game, even though it’s in beta (I see/hear people call it Alpha, but when you go to register, it says ‘Beta Key’ so i’m going with that).
Maybe you should make a buy-able copy? And increase the price on full release? I’m not sure, just make it so people actually have a chance to get the game!

It’s practically impossible to get a copy now…


P.s Probably going to get banned for this, but i’m just stating my opinion.

Rust is still in pre-alpha stage, it has only just gone public! Be patient!

If they wanted a larger tester group they would probably release more keys, but for now they obviously are releasing them in a very slow stream in order to not have huge surges of population in the game.

I dont have a key either, but im sure you only want to play it because it looks cool and all, i understand that. But right now, the game is in alpha, and in my opinion, only the people that actually plays the game to TEST it, bug reports and suggest things should beo the ones to play it.

It does not need more players, just the amount of testers thats on it now.

Its good,we dont need a flood of WarZ kids from summit or artemis streams.
Its Alpha,we are testing. And the current community,besides KOS faggots,really helps in finding bugs
and exploits.

Draw something.

Although I do agree with your point, my guts are still telling me that you will get banned just cause you try to get a point across like everyone else.
Well its either that or the thread is going to get closed cause this happened to every thread which was similar to this one.

Edit: Dont get me wrong, i understand why the game is in pre-alpha stage :slight_smile: Im more than happy that this is not buyable and as exclusive as it is.
I’d rather play a game which has been worked on than end up having a piece of crap because we got our hopes up high and flooded the dev’s with money.
Like stated already in an above reply, Patience is key. It is probably going to be rewarded through a polished game :slight_smile:

I drew something twice, since i entered there’s been over 700 new entries, yeah good luck with that :wink:

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I agree with you on that point

in the contest there will be more than 1 winner. look closly at 1st post :slight_smile:

“The people who create the best pictures will get a PM with a Rust Alpha Key in it”

The people isnt 1 person or it is really badly written :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the first post. There’s Hundreds of entries, good luck winning that.

For everyone thinking its unfair that they can’t get access to Rust, think of it this way: Everyone on it now is on a buggy, preliminary version of the game. It looks like they are dicking around, having fun, but in fact they are testing. Due to us having access now, IF some sort of open period happens, the game will probably be that much smoother for everyone else due to stuff being found now.

Or the short version: Have some freakin’ patience. Its a test rather than for fun.

The rate of key release will obviously increase once the current player count can be handled on the servers

You do understand that it’s not a contest, right? They’re going through the post giving keys to people who worked on their picture hard and actually tried. I used up 2 hours drawing my picture and I got a key.

I worked for about an hour on my first, and about, well yeah, about 2 hours on my second. It’s the fact of getting noticed first, there’s so many posts that it is pointless;(

i agree, its not a contest… trollsb on which page was your drawing?

edit: nevermind i found it

IT’s only pre-alpha, of course they don’t want a whole bunch of people playing it. Just look at the forums when ever you have a chance, that way you will have a chance of getting a key.

yep its super rare

I love how I got my key back when it was put a random number in it.

2hrs? mine took like 5-6 pff i guess the idea was just to simple then… Will have to draw another one when I get another good idea…

testing the game is a privilege, deal with it