Rust rebalance

Hello guys, i am the big fan of Rust, but all we know that game have some problems with balance for now.

1-oil pumpjack is pretty useless now. I understand why player’s was removed, but using stationar isnt worth the risk for now. I dont know is they all equal or not, but during nighttime i tried to farm some oil. 1 for 6 seconds. So thats equal 1800 for 1 hour of farm. Good result for 1 player, but pretty bad for party. Pumpjacks should be funny but risky way to farm resourses for group of players, but nobody want to use them because of high risks and no reward if you farming not alone. Maybe if increase oil income(i think 2x or more will be good) people will start to fight for pumpjacks, kind of king of the hill. Now i never seen anybody on them(only new players).
2-Stone and metal walls. Stone walls have 500 hp and metal 750 but all of them can be destroyed with 4 rockets. So there is no difference but… You can raid stone walls with pickaxes. Yes, this type of raids was official removed, but with bugs you still can destroy them without explosions. And if pickaxes raid is result of bug, why metal and stone walls equal for rockets?
3-Too much building recources and not enough sulfur. Yep, i know, that sounds like a classic cry of little kid who wanna raid his neighbours from game start. But i think a lot of guys will agree with me. With triangle floors and “no” splash damage with rockets now is pretty hard to raid triangle-builded towers. C4 is useless now, because of high price and really no splash. Maybe i am wrong but i think C4 must to do massive dmg for 1 wall(and much bigger than now) or have good splash, because for now you can destroy stone wall with 2 C4(50 explosives) or 4 rockets(40 explosives+some resourses), but with rockets you will destroy up to 4 walls then C4 just for one. Make 1 C4 destroy stone wall and people will craft them again(then they will need to remove 1-2 last walls at raided house)

This is just my opinion and i can be wrong, but i just want to help. So write that do you think about this problems(or maybe you dont see any problems) and we will discuss it.

i would agree on the Pumpjack part and on C4 part if the price gets increased like 1500 GP -> wall

i raid a base just with F1 Granade… is as awesome… maybe a wast of resources, i don’t remember the number but i have a lot of fun doing that raid

This is why there are so many unconventional raid methods. C4 and Rocket launchers are shit-hard to get
(for most players at least) so people have taken to knocking down doors with bows or wp shotguns.

Its easy to build a 4C4 house, but it takes 10X the time to get enough C4 to destroy it.

So? You are bitching because the game is hard and makes raiding a challenge?? forcing the player to think unconventional ways outside of the normal?? Damnit Garry you Fucked it up?? Really if anything it adds to the game.

if you want instant satisfaction to feel good about yourself bro go play call of duty.

Vectruz and pondfisher have the right idea.

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and do we really need to get on the alpha stage? balance will come sooner or later

You sound like you was raided. Build better and use your brain.

Lol! What?? Salty fool

i used granades because i want… i alread have maybe 40 C4 LOL

I have been raiding with landmines. Make 60+ and just coat the floor of a Newman’s base. Step on one they all go, sometimes the house goes with it haha.

Fun as shit to watch at your base when BOOM! And a house by you just goes down

you really didnt got the point at C4 part. He means Rockets are less expensive then C4 but do more destruction then C4.

Guys, stop blaming each other pls. About unconventional ways of raids-pickaxe raid was OFICIALLY REMOVED. But here still a lot of bugs so we cant feel differences and i dont think it is right. At my post i dont sayed that this ways is wrong(but i dont think that Garry want us to attack armoured door for 15 minutes with salvaging hammer), but about some things that useless at this moment. A lot of things that already was implemented is becoming useless after nerfs\adding alternatives. And this alternatives, like rockets, better from all angles. Also i noticed one interesting thing now. Flashlight for weapon will be pretty weird because of all players now using gamma on their monitors\video drivers to clearly see during nights.

You don’t even need to change your gamma, I’ve never changed my gamma and I can see perfectly at night still. I think they’ve made night a lot easier to see to make it slightly more fair on the people that don’t change gamma.

I liked it way better when night was pitch black and you could barely even see your hands or whatever you were holding. Hopefully nights being very visible is just a temporary fix to the problem.

^ yea and it’s how the game should be played. But there are some nights that so dark outside I can’t go out my face cuz I can’t see what I’m doing lol good times

There’s Candle hats, mining hats, and weapon mounted flashlights if you want to see at night. Of course they might get your brain shot. Risk/reward?