Rust reboot social life/town system idea design

I guess it will be the 1st ant the last post here.

English is not my native language, so its far from perfect, bear with it :)( basically its broken…)

I’ve played this game for quite a while, and i really enjoyed it, until it became KOS only thing, no interactions, no communication, only seek’n’kill (basically COD style).

Today i got “Ding” moment how to improve social life in RUST.

It will allow user to chose what type of gameplay he wants.

Since maps will be much more difficult to master, the chances of finding random strangers occur more often and easy than finding your friends (clan stuff…).

Finding a random stranger and starting to create town that’s what i will be talked about here.
Why would they want to build town together? To get benefits of it. Like buffs such as more hp, more hunger points, more resist to cold, faster crafting speeds, faster health regen and etc. If town grows effectcs become better. A man can be only member of 1 town and can join to it by building a house in the town vicinity. There also would be reputation system which allow to see the deeds of member of the town(how much town members he killed, how much foes he killed, how much he builded his house and expanded the town) by color indicator near name. If town becomes very big town can build one resource generator which generates random resource. In this case trades between the town would occur. and different types of towns would exist.Users which want only to kill can enjoy lonelyness and fast extraction from towns when trying to join. So social interractions would be improved without hurting PVP system, if you want to be an ass you can be, if you want to live protected and social you join the town, later town wars politic types and etc?

So when 2 ppl meet they can create town by pressing like “Create town” button(or do it automatically) and can start building their own town by putting 1 foundation which sets the starting town grid system. The grid system only allows foundations arround it to build perpendicular, linear, or diagonal to the 1st foundation set. In this case town buildings can be joined together in controlled manner later. The grid is limited range and that range is descibed by number of foundations that are joined together and other foundation(nabours house) built in its vicinity. That creates town vicinity

2 pictures i’ve visualised:

Grid system:

Town vicinity system:

Player-created towns are intended by the devs, but this design is too restrictive and structured.

I suggest you read garry’s blog post about their plans for the design of Rust:

Your idea is not awful, but it doesn’t quite fit with the devs’ vision. You might be make small adjustments to the town design to better fit. That’s why I’m linking it.