Rust Recommendations

I had a few ideas with items that could be added, or something like these items could be added. Note that these are just general ideas and could be altered.

Telescope: A window mounted object, which would allow you scope areas with a much larger zoom and has less motion movement than binoculars. Is not mobile and requires to be mounted on a window or a tri-pod that can be crafted or found.

Binoculars: Could be crafted from something like sand, which could be created into glass, then later made into a lens. You could need 4 lenses and 10 low quality metal to create it, making it difficult to create early game for people. If not craftable, could be found in a rare occasion.

**Red Dot Scope: **Having a slightly higher zoom than the holographic, it has a smaller lens, making the holographic sights greater in field of view in the lens. The sights is a simple red dot.

Barb Wire: Must be placed between two pillars creating a waist high barb wire fence. If needed, the barb wire can be extended upwards by placing another piece of barb wire. Slows mobs and players that enter the barb wire and does slight damage over time.

Shovel: Could create trenches. Does more damage than a stone hatchet, but deals less than a hatchet or pickaxe.

**Any additional addons for firearms: ** This could be compensators, enhanced grip, or magazines. Allowing you to put bullets into a magazine, making it less bulky when carrying large amounts of ammo. It also makes it feel more realistic instead of having separate bullets all the time, unless in the future they release bolt action rifles. (which I really can’t wait for that, would be so great.)

**Text Signs / Spray Paint: ** Some form of text that could be added into the game, making it easier to find your way in complicated bases and messages for people to find.

Planks of Wood: Can be used to barricade your windows and doors, could even add a hammer in the game to be able to place and remove only your barricades that you’ve placed. This makes it so people can’t barricade other peoples windows and doors, and that others cannot remove your barricades using their hammer. Making it so people must use a hatchet or a pickaxe to break down the barricades. What this also could add to windows is customization of how you want your window to look like. Would you want little slits to shoot people from? Or maybe you would like to seal it completely. If needed, could also add in nails which would cost some metal to make.

Trenches: Requires a shovel to create. Along with 100 to 200 wood to prevent players being able to spam trenches everywhere. *Note: That if the engine couldn’t allow trenches, you can easily make one of those mock “above ground” sort of trenches like what they’ve used in other mods on Mount And Blade: Warband.

Wall mount for torches: Creates a mount on the wall, allowing torches to be placed on walls. Torches can then be lit by pressing E on them, and could be removed by holding E, and pressing the “Take torch” tab.

If any more ideas come up I’ll be sure to write them down here. This game has so much potential for new ideas to be implemented, which makes it a fantastic game that could always be a work in progress.

The gun attachments are unneeded, this is a survival game in a post apocalyptic world, not Black Ops 2. I agree with everything else though, but I’m not sure Unity could support displacement editing on the fly (trenches).

Creating Red Dot scopes and whatnot is really unrealistic when you have to make your binoculars out of sand. I don’t think a ‘makeshift’ red dot scope would make much sense.

there’s already a wishlist thread here

If you can make fully automatic M4’s and MP5’s from scrap metal, it’s a broad term to use “unrealistic”. Red dots aren’t also in that section either, holographic sights and red dots are simply personal preference.

you can make m4s out of scrap metal because the game is in alpha stage, not because it is a mechanic of the game

In old Rust, you would need weapon pieces and parts to create the firearm. They changed it to this, so I don’t think it’ll be changed again.

that’s where you are wrong. it is still very early in development and nearly everything is still subject to change. i don’t even think they plan on keeping mechanical firearms in the game. I remember reading not even a few days ago that they plan on turning them into hand-made/believable variants

Subject to change does not mean will change. And even if it is a hand made sorta version of the guns, they still are essentially those weapons. There is literally no reason to say a red dot shouldn’t be added really, nor too much reason to say it should be added. It’s really reasonable for red dots to be possible to make. You can already make a lasers by using metal (Which really, I wouldn’t know how that works), so making a red dot sight isn’t far off dude.

Maybe have randomly generated mine shafts where its a cave with areas with mine-able (with a pickaxe) iron or more useful material, you can mine gunpowder or copper to make ammo if that would be a mechanic that you would want to add. also maybe make them extremely radioactive so nobody can camp a mineshaft for long periods of time, or have them collapse if mined till they are empty and have them be usless and caved in until a server reset after they collapse

Yeah, but if it is said that it will change, chances are.

and i really had no idea you could make lasers in rust aha, what are they used for?

But anyway, that’s not what I’m arguing. The point is you cant keep adding unrealistic stuff, when one of the main goals of the devs is realism, and the only reason crafting the weapons are so unrealistic is to make them easier to obtain so the game can be tested better.

This is pretty obvious when there’s those really shitty, cheap to make guns. In the future those will undoubtedly be more common, there’s just some upset balance right now (probably because alpha.)

That’s a wishlist thread, these are my recommendations.