Rust Refunds?


Where do the mislead people like myself who were told the game had “coop” servers go for a refund? Do I speak to someone here, or complain via steam / take it to trading standards under misdescription act?

Lots of people have no interest in “pvp”, but when they reach your so-called coop servers, they find the only difference is that when looters blow your doors off and loot your house, you can’t shoot them in the head.

If by any chance there’s a patch coming up that allow the admins to flag buildings as indestructible by other non-admin players, so the game can actually support pve mode, let us know.

Hmm, did you hear that it had co-op servers from an official source?

I don’t see how did they mislead you. What do you mean by co-op servers? All servers are co-op.

Says nothing about Co-op anywhere for official sources. Check the steam buy page as well.

You can’t get refunded Steam games, learn to read the fine print when purchasing. Also do your research about the game. This is your fault, not Facepunch.