Rust refuses to open through steam

I have tried these steps,
Verify cache
uninstall and redownload full game client
adding -force- d3d11
launching from rust.exe in the steam directory
running as admin

That being said the game was working fine for me last night…i come back today to and update and now the game wont even work. I did find a way to force the game to load and you will laugh {create .exe shortcut to rust on desktop…launch rust through steam…minimize steam…launch rust again from the desktop shortcut as admin and it gets me to the game HOWEVER when i attempt to connect to a server all i get is Disconnected:Disconnected.

Any Ideas? I suspect when launching through steam the actual launch window is not rendering because the rust.exe is running and i have to goto task manager to close it before attemting to relaunch it.

Omg exactly same problems happening to me got any solutions?

It is the same mistake that we have hundreds of people, according to a forum user in another post says, are working to fix it.
Please, people who can not connect to the server to try running the game by creating a new user account windows, and tell us if it works. Thank You.