RUST registration

When will rust registration re open 3 of my friends are in I would love to join them :frowning:

It be nice, wouldn’t it?

No one know and no one want to say.

Go home people, there’s nothing to see here (for a while). You’re wasting your breath. Nobody can tell you, but it won’t be until they can handle another huge influx of players.

Stop whining and begging. They’re not going to re-open the floodgates again until they can handle it. None of us nor you is special, we just happened to register during the window and you didn’t. Check back occasionally, read the news on the website, you’ll know when you can get in.

First of.We aint wasting our breath… we are typing

secondly , we all have the right to know when it will be reopened .So if you didnt had anything usefull to answer him , I’d would suggest you didnt answered at all…


it wont be open until they decide what to do. so just leave it at that and let them do what they have to. because begging wont make them rush anything

You have the right to nothing. This is a game still in development, riddled with bugs, problem players, and optimization issues; but it is free. Since you do not have to pay any money to play the devs owe you nothing, if you did pay to play it would be an entirely different story

christ, sure are a lot of new members on FP now.

But yeah, you can’t do much else than wait and pray on registration to be opened again (which isn’t going to be within a week or several for sure I think) and hope the devs tell how the servers are doing.

Damn son, you went full retard didnt you?

I mean seriously? You seriously think that random players have all the rights to know when it will be re-opened? Let me tell you kid, you don’t have the rights for squat, you didn’t pay for this game, you didn’t sign up ages ago for a testing position which you then later on were promised, they don’t OWE YOU anything, for now, you have the rights to shut up, sit tight and wait for them to re-open the game when they see fit.

Never go full retard.

how do i get a beta code

hello i would like to know if i buy gold on facepunch will i get a beta key?

you’re so witty and clever goddam you showed him

you don’t have the right to shit because you haven’t paid for anything, this is in alpha and isn’t released so the devs can do whatever they want without having to inform you