Rust (reign of kings style server)

Hi m currently making a reign of kings styled rust server. i am looking for players who would like this sort of thing

the center of the map will have a large apocalyptic “castle” and there will be a ruler of the land. you can work with the ruler or you can be a nomad and live off on your own.
the ruler can enforce taxes on the nomads and his people but he will have to send people to collect these taxes and if you dont pay up you might have some armed guards appear at your door
you can form groups and attempt to kill the ruler and claim the throne. and once you have killed the ruler you are now the ruler and anyone who was following him before now has to follow you
i want the server to have madmax esque feeling too it

i am looking for players to come join and the first people on the server can easily become the first ruler but in that sense could easily be over throne.

the server ip is :

or search for [Uk]Reign of Rulers

I cant see that working properly… sorry

Gotta love the optimism though.

considering it already happens by itsself in main servers i dont see why it wouldnt

If people want to play reign of kings type server surely they would just buy reign of kings, what you should do is set up a white list server and find people who are generally interested in role playing.

Dont get me wrong I kinda like your idea of Roleplay server, but people are dicks. I definetely stop by tonight to check you out.

reign of kings dosent have guns simple as im trying to set up a mad max style server

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picture of the map and the rulers area