Rust Release?

I have not been lucky enough to play yet as I just joined but may I ask, When will rust be fully released as it has supposedly been in Beta for about 6 years. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Well no it’s not even on beta its on alpha and no it has not been on alpha/beta for six years it came out like a month and a half ago

Oh thank you it did?
But then how can you play if you need a key to even register and if their not even giving out keys?
Thank you

its a closed alpha atm, so you cant.

LOL 6 YEARS… Some people have keys, others don’t(like myself) they do give out in giveway competitions keys to gold members… there are ways non gold members can get a key 2. be lucky and win one…or have some amazing person give you one…

Rust started being developed at the start of this year, not 6 years ago

I have heard in about 5-8 months It will be released into beta, please correct me if that is wrong.