Rust Report ! Please Look Admin

Please He’s Hacker Nickname: [8Bit] The Law nickname: [8Bit] WanQuu Please Look They’re Using. Playing Rust they’re using it still please

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, missed the hackers report thread." - postal))

Go to their steam profile, and report them. They’ll be VAC banned… Otherwise, report it to the admin ON your current server. Admins here can’t do anything about hackers.

Well, if they hack you have to tell the admins of the server and may they can do something about it if they like.

If they hack on an official servers, you won’t get help here. Wait for VAC to release the banhammer.

You either need to report them to whoever is in charge of the server you are on or just wait and let Vale Anti Cheat(VAC) eventually get them. Though the game is made by Facepunch Studios, they can’t do anything about hackers so there is no need to make like a bot report on an MMO forum.